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Give Your Hair a Blond Look, Naturally

Transform your hair With 100% Natural Camomile Extract.

Camomile INTEA® The Perfect Routine for your Blond Hair

Our INTEA® Line is composed of chamomile flowers extract sourced from sunny fields of flowers from the Spanish countryside, with benefits for lightening and care of blond hair and hair, oily hair, dark hair and body care. 

Hair Lighteners

Get A Natural Blond Look, Naturally


Which Intea® Range Suits Your Hair?

Chamomile is known for its high content in Apigenin found in the petals. This yellow pigment attaches to the scales in the hair without penetrating the hair cuticle and is shown to help lighten hair naturally and enhance shine.

Intea® Kids Line

Transform your hair With 100% Natural Camomile Extract.

Especially indicated to wash children's delicate blond hair.


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complete treatment to lighten your hair progressively

Best Choice
Natural Blond Kit
Best Choice
Natural Blond Kit

Special Care for Blond Hair

Perfect for the care of natural blond hair, dyed or lightened with our products.

Dark Hair Intea® Line

Walnut leaves are rich in tannins and oils that help hydrate your hair and scalp. 

Oily Hair Intea® Line with Green Tea and Mint

Exclusive Intea solutions with extracts of plants to treat and clean oily hair. 

Body Hair Lighteners


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