Natural Blond Lotion
Natural Blond Lotion
Natural Blond Lotion
Natural Blond Lotion
Natural Blond Lotion
Natural Blond Lotion
Natural Blond Lotion
Natural Blond Lotion
Natural Blond Lotion
Natural Blond Lotion

Hair Lightening Lotion Natural Blond

3.4 fl.oz / 100mL (Spray)


Gradually lighten your hair by up to 4 shades with the power of chamomile flowers.

Dark to blonde hair without chemical lightening. Perfect for maintaining highlights, shine, and blonde reflections

Free Shipping Nationwide

Try it risk-free for 30 days

No harmful chemicals

Free Shipping Nationwide

Try it risk-free for 30 days

No harmful chemicals


Achieve effective and long-lasting results, attaining hair up to 4 shades lighter.

Revitalize your hair's look. Perfect for maintaining highlights, shine, and blonde reflections.

Safe for mom and baby. Ingredients suitable during pregnancy and lactation.

Easy spray application, making it simple in your daily routine.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We've witnessed our product work firsthand.

That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We honor returns for any reason.

If you don't love it within 30 days, simply request a refund.

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All the details to get to know your natural blonde lightener.

Do you use chemicals or dyes?

No, our Natural Blonde Lightening Lotion does not contain ammonia, parabens, or aggressive chemicals. Its active ingredient is the natural extract of chamomile flowers.

Can I use it while pregnant?

Yes! Our Natural Blonde Lotion does not contain harmful chemicals and is entirely safe for pregnant and lactating women. 

Will my hair turn orange?

It may be normal to observe reddish or copper tones before achieving the desired color. Lightening is a process!

If you are concerned about orange tones, we recommend using our Blonde Highlights Spray. It has a gentler formula and contains violet pigments to correct orange tones in your hair. However, the lightening process will be slower, but you won't have to worry about copper tones.

Can I use the lotion with dyed hair?

We recommend that all our customers with dyed, bleached, or chemically treated hair wait for 45 days before starting to use the Natural Blonde Spray. It is best to apply it only to the roots where you have new and unpainted hair.

Does it work to cover gray hairs?

The Natural Blonde Lotion does not work to cover gray hair. Please remember that it does not contain dyes; it only lightens the hair.

Does it work on dark hair?

Yes, the Natural Blonde Lotion lightens any hair type up to 4 shades. So, if you have dark hair, it will lighten to a light brown shade. If your hair is very dark or black, we recommend our Dark Hair Lotion, which will provide a beautiful chocolate color.

Get a natural, effective, and long-lasting blonde look!
Color chart

Say goodbye to aggressive and harmful methods for your hair.

Achieve the golden blonde shine of your dreams without the need for dyes.

Save money on expensive salon visits for hair coloring. No need to spend more.

Discover our effective alternative to achieve the color you desire without overspending.

Save time and energy by avoiding disappointing quick fixes.

Our spray progressively lightens your hair up to 4 shades.

Say hello to radiant blonde hair

- Step 1

Lava tu Cabello

Use Intea Shampoo before lightening and leave the hair wet.

- Step 2

Wash Your Hair

Spray the Intea Hair Lightening Spray onto your hair and distribute with a brush or comb.

- Step 3

Let the Magic Happen

Allow the lotion to work for 30 minutes, then air dry or use a hairdryer, no need to rinse.

- Step 4

Repeat for Long-lasting Blonde

Repeat once a week for blonde and shiny highlights.

The 4 steps to a new natural blonde.

Our Natural Blonde Lotion gradually lightens your dark blonde or natural brown hair up to 4 shades.
Why choose our Natural Blonde Spray?

Achieve a Successful Blonde

Make your hair complement the sun.

At Camomila Intea®, we take pride in our formula because we use powerful natural ingredients to enhance your natural beauty.

Active Ingredients

Aqua (Water), Alcohol Denat, Chamomile recutita Flowers Extract, Hydrogen Peroxide, Parfum (Fragrance), Phosphoric Acid, C.I. 19140 (FD&C Yellow No.5), Citral, Limonene (D-).

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Do you have more questions?

Explore more frequently asked questions.

Can I use hair dye after using the spray?

We recommend waiting at least 4 weeks after using the Natural Blonde Spray before bleaching or dyeing your hair.

It's also advisable to consult with your stylist and perform a strand test beforehand to ensure compatibility between both treatments.

What is the difference between the Natural Blonde Lotion and the Blonde Highlights Lotion?

The Natural Blonde Lotion is 40% stronger than the Blonde Highlights Lotion. The Natural Blonde Lotion helps achieve a fuller and more vibrant color, while the Blonde Highlights Lotion is better for highlights or hair that is already blonde.

Can it be applied to natural hair extensions?

Yes, our Natural Blonde Lotion works for natural extensions.

If I don't use a hairdryer, will it still work?

Yes, it works the same way; just remember that heat will yield faster results.

How long should I stay in the sun or use the hairdryer?

In our tests, we found that 30 minutes in the sun or 5 minutes of low-intensity blow-drying work best. Of course, the more exposure to the sun, the more your hair will lighten. Just be cautious not to expose your skin for too long; we don't want you to over-tan.

Should the product be removed after applying?

No, once you apply the spray, simply let it air-dry or use a hairdryer and forget about it for at least 2 or 3 hours. If you leave it overnight, even better.

How long does it take to take effect?

With our Natural Blonde Lotion, you can see results from the first application, and they will be quite visible the next day. However, for a complete lightening of up to 4 shades, it takes between 6-8 weeks, depending on your hair color.

Can I apply the spray on the hair on my body?

We recommend using our Intea Body Hair Cover, which is specifically designed for body hair.


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